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A Last Icon Maker Standing community for the fandom Castle
Castle Last Icon Maker Standing

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castlelims is a Last Icon Maker Standing icon competition. Every week, participants will enter in an icon based on a screencap, picture, or promotional still, provided by the mod, penelope_ziva. Voting will be based on the quality of the entry. However, instead of voting on your favorite icon, you will be voting on your least favorite, as well as giving qualitative reasons why. Meaning, “I don’t like it ‘cause it’s boring” won’t work. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most negative votes will be disqualified. Each voting period, at least 1 maker will be voted out, as well as a People's and Mod Choice chosen, until a Last Icon Maker is left Standing. In order to participate, you must join the community and sign-up here.


In order to participate, you must both join the community and comment on the sign-up post. When commenting on the sign-up post, please put “Heat Wave" somewhere in your comment to show that you read the rules. Your entry must always be from the provided screencap, picture or promotional still. Textures, brushes, and text are allowed. Also, your icon must be submitted under LiveJournal standards (i.e., under 40kb, 100x100 pixels, and in .jpg, .png, or .gif format). Entry must be submitted with your icon and url.


Until you are eliminated, you must participate in every challenge or you face disqualification (unless a skip is used). Do NOT post or share your icon(s) until the voting is over, and the winner is posted. Icons must remain anonymous. If the icon is late after the due date, it will be disqualified. If for any reason you are disqualified (by voting or missing a deadline), you cannot enter again. There will be a comeback round for anyone who was disqualified.


Skips can be earned when a contestant first signs up. One skip will be given upon signing up here and to the community. Another skip may be earned by referring someone to the community, and another by promoting the community in an area that allows promoting. If someone is referred to castlelims, they must put your name in the comment. If you promote, you must provide a link to the unlocked post. A total of 3 skips will be possible and kept track of here. Skips cannot be used once the competition gets down to 3 members.


credit to heimedall for the profile code.